Kiltearn Partners

Kiltearn Partners LLP was incorporated in 2011 by Murdo Murchison and his founding partners, with the support of Silchester International Investors.

Kiltearn offers a single global equity program, managed with a disciplined value investment philosophy. Kiltearn's Chief Investment Officer, Murdo Murchison, was a senior investment professional with Templeton Global Advisers for 15 years, latterly as the second manager after Sir John Templeton of the firm’s flagship product, the Templeton Growth Fund. In that environment, he had the opportunity to successfully implement a disciplined value investment philosophy with a global mandate. The formation of Kiltearn has allowed Murdo and his partners to implement the same time-tested value philosophy in a firm which offers a strong alignment of interests between the partners of Kiltearn and its institutional clients.

Kiltearn Partners LLP is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, with a client service/marketing office in Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

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